Who are we?

Avance luz is a company committed to the development of new lighting technologies by dedicating a significant portion of its resources to research and design of new products.

Avance luz was created in 1997, and since its beginnings was composed of technical lighting professionals with extensive experience in such diverse subjects ranging from the design of robotic lighting used in TV sets , Theaters, etc., to the development and manufacture of lighting design.

Avance Luz specializes in manufacturing fiber optic generators and fiber optic cable, offering a wide range of powers, which we believe is the most complete in the current offer of these systems, gobo projectors for advertising applications and decorative design and manufacture of gobos, and many more.

Avance Luz also offers special lamps division covering a wide range from sophisticated surgical lamp to dichroic color filters, through the full range of scientific lamps for film, theater, TV, etc.

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